Trying to park on city streets can be a major challenge for anyone. It leads to pollution, time lost and often times a deep sense of frustration. Having been through that experience many times ourselves, we were looking for a way to make the process run a little more smoothly. Yep, you guessed it, that's how SmoothParking came about. At this point, SmoothParking can show you were you can park legally and at what times. We're hoping this will make everybody's day a little easier by allowing people to see what areas have more or less parking available at any given time. In time this will hopefully save you lots of time and money that would have been spent searching for a parking spot, and of course it can help you avoid costly parking tickets. Parking illegaly can make some people really angry -- see below.

How it Works

SmoothParking lets you know where you can legally park. You can enter any date or time and we will give you information about the legal status of the streets on which you wish to park. Additionally, we can tell you which streets have metered parking. Just tell us when and where you want to park and let us do the rest. To begin just enter the date and desired address or area of parking. We will then show you a colored parking map with information on the legal parking status of the blocks near your desired location. Green means parking is allowed for the entire duration requested, while red means that parking is not allowed for the entire duration. Yellow means parking will be allowed starting at the next half-hour for the duration requested. For example, if you ask to park from 3pm to 5pm but parking is only available from 3:30pm then that segment will appear yellow. Finally, blue means that the segment is metered. At this point in time we can ONLY give you information about the legal status of a street NOT about currently available spots.